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Clinical Supervision

CONNECT TO GROW is our sister service which provides professional supervision and mentoring for paediatric occupational therapists. The purpose of CONNECT TO GROW is to help occupational therapists to work confidently and effectively with children and families.

Joanna Caton (director) offers clinical supervision and mentoring to occupational therapists around Australia through her CONNECT TO GROW framework. Her particular areas of clinical interest include; Occupation and strengths based approaches, coaching approaches, play, support for sensory processing differences and, working collaboratively with people who identify as being neuro divergent.

Joanna has more than 25 years of experience as an occupational therapist and has provided clinical supervision for over a decade.  

Bookings for supervision sessions with Joanna Caton can be made online. 

Head to the CONNECT TO GROW website for ready to use resources on topics such as; setting client goals, writing reports, feeling confident as an OT and working in collaboration with families.

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