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Graduate 2024/ Early Career positions

Bidgee Kids Occupational Therapy is a regional private practice celebrating its 10th birthday in January 2024!  Our highly experienced and well respected team is pleased to offer employment opportunities to up to THREE early career or graduate Occupational Therapists from January 2024. We have carefully crafted a 2 year programme which is exciting and supportive, offers excellent remuneration and also considers your next career steps.

Why Us?

Our caseload is varied and gives great opportunities to work with toddlers, children, teens and young adults. This variety sets you up with great foundations for working as a competent OT. We work with people who are Neurodivergent (ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Differences, PDA, Executive Functioning Difficulties, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders), and people who have physical disabilities, developmental delays or Intellectual Disabilities.

Our Occupational Therapists have simply INCREDIBLE levels of experience within paediatrics and other fields. This depth of knowledge gives you an opportunity to learn directly from us through work shadowing and onsite mentoring which is critical during your early career years. Currently we have 5 Occupational Therapists who have worked within the paediatrics field from 2 years, 8 years, 13 years all the way up to 25 years! Additionally a number of our team have entered paediatrics after experiencing other areas of Occupational Therapy and bring perspectives and skills which we would otherwise not have had. This level of experience is extremely rare within teams and we consider that this is a key point of difference for our graduate programme.

We understand early career OT needs. Our director, Joanna Caton has worked extensively with New Graduates in previous leadership roles with other organisations. She continues to do so as an external clinical supervisor to therapists across Australia. We know that your main role as a graduate is to learn to be the very best Occupational Therapist you can be through developing confidence in assessment, therapy planning, therapy techniques, working with people including parents and multidisciplinary team work. You need confidence from a mature company such as ours, that your management properly understands Occupational Therapy, does not put you in situations which are outside of your scope and that your workplace runs smoothly with clear systems and processes.  

You have onsite and outreach opportunities to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. It is important to properly understand how other professions such as Allied Health Assistants, Speech Pathology, Education, Physiotherapy, Psychology and others operate and can complement your work with your clients. Our practice offers unique opportunities thanks to being co-located with Speech Pathology and Educator practitioners. We also have Allied Health Assistants and a Child Life Therapist as part of our team. However, our independence as an Occupational Therapy company means we have also developed strong working relationships with other disciplines locally. This means that our clients can truly experience CHOICE and CONTROL about who is on their therapy team.

You have generous perks including 5 weeks annual leave, a professional development budget which includes external training opportunities, bonus remuneration at key points along your 1-2 year programme, and access to wellbeing services. 

You have the opportunity to continue to grow and develop beyond our early career programme. You may wish to learn about ethical and sustainable private practice business, you may wish to develop a niche area of expertise, you may wish to supervise students or work towards leadership roles within the company. All of this is something our company can support for the right person.

We believe our early career programme is not suitable for every graduate or early career clinician. We are targeting this programme towards therapists who have already demonstrated that they have a passion for working with children and young people through significant work experience as a Support Worker, Allied Health Assistant or other child-related role with responsibility. This programme requires self-direction, personal organisation skills, ambition to become an excellent clinician, and alignment with our vision of children participating with confidence and enjoyment.  This programme also requires values which reflect our focus on person-centred practice, neurodiversity affirming practise, strengths based practise and family-centred practice. This programme is not suitable for clinicians who are looking for short term placements of 12 months or less. We know this sounds challenging but the right person will thrive with Bidgee Kids Occupational Therapy as we will be a good match for your style.

A short video about working at Bidgee Kids OT

Clinical Supervision

CONNECT TO GROW is our sister service which provides professional supervision and mentoring for paediatric occupational therapists. The purpose of CONNECT TO GROW is to help occupational therapists to work confidently and effectively with children and families.

Joanna Caton (director) offers clinical supervision and mentoring to occupational therapists around Australia through her CONNECT TO GROW framework. Her particular areas of clinical interest include; Occupation and strengths based approaches, coaching approaches, play, support for sensory processing differences and, working collaboratively with people who identify as being neuro divergent.

Joanna has more than 25 years of experience as an occupational therapist and has provided clinical supervision for over a decade.  

Bookings for supervision sessions with Joanna Caton can be made online. 

Head to the CONNECT TO GROW website for ready to use resources on topics such as; setting client goals, writing reports, feeling confident as an OT and working in collaboration with families.

Are you our next Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant? We are always holding space for talented staff who fit our values and therapy style. Contact Joanna Caton, director by email to express your interest and find out more.

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