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"Kindred OT" (online parent focussed OT)

The "Kindred OT" telehealth programme is especially designed for parents and caregivers of Neurodivergent Children to help them reach their goals.
(Private/NDIS Self Managed/NDIS Plan Managed children and teens).

This online telehealth programme is helpful for parents who are;

  • Keen to support their Neurodivergent (e.g. ADHD, Autism, PDA, Developmental Coordination Disorder) child/teen by putting in place effective OT strategies within the home environment,

  • Ready to explore parent based therapy approaches with their child,

  • Able to support their child with a home programme,

  • Wanting to learn more about their child's neurotype and how this impacts on daily occupations.

  • Needing confidence to "parent" differently from others to support their child's needs.

  • Waiting for in- person Occupational Therapy but would like to get learning about how to help their child, and/or

  • Burnt out/taking a planned break from face to face clinic appointments and are looking for alternatives.


The Kindred OT approach supports parents to navigate their child's:
  • Toileting,

  • Sleep,

  • Self Care,

  • Participation in play and other daily routines,

  • Practical Fine Motor skills,

  • Regulation needs ("regulation" refers to the way a person is able to respond to and cope with stress in a way that suits the situation). 

  • Sensory needs (sensory patterns, preferences and challenges related to everyday participation),

  • Interoception Awareness (i.e. How the child notices their own internal body signals and links these to labels of emotions/feelings/energy states). 

  • Executive functioning needs related to everyday participation  (e.g. planning, problem solving, attention, sequencing, impulse control).

How It works


  1. Contact Bidgee Kids Occupational Therapy and request an appointment. You can fill in the online form or email

  2. Complete the online Caregiver Questionnaire and Service Agreement that will be emailed to you by our support team.

  3. Once the forms are completed you will then be offered appointment times that you can book.

  4. Meet with Jo online for your first parent consultation! This is a time to discuss your thoughts on how your child is participating in daily life and activities. We can get clear on your priorities and we can set some goals. Jo may also book some additional assessment with you such as a Sensory Profile or an online observation appointment with your child present.

  5. Get started with parent focussed Occupational Therapy sessions! Sessions on zoom are interesting and practical. They may include discussions about strategies, review of videos of your child during tasks, a joint appointment with you and your child, practise of parent focussed skills and activities, linking you with tools and resources, and co-creating visual supports. They are as frequent and numerous as you need.

  6. Complete your fun and practical home practice activities/tasks in-between sessions.


What are your fees and session lengths?:
Occasions of service are 75 minutes ($242.47)  (includes telehealth session plus between-session communication and home practice tasks)

Will you do online sessions with my child without parent present? 

No- the Kindred programme is specifically developed to help build confidence for parents to support their child's goals. 

Can my child attend the session too?
Yes- we frequently have joint appointments with parents and children. Often these are one-off appointments  that include play coaching, collaboration together on strategies and exploration of sensory supports. However, the focus will be on parents learning how to understand their child's needs, and implement programmes and supports within the home environment. Your first appointment is always without your child present. 

Do I need to live in Wagga or Henty, New South Wales?

No. This is an online service and is available to people around Australia. Check that you are mindful of time zone differences when booking. 

Is parent focussed Occupational Therapy evidence-based and effective?

Yes- there is solid evidence that empowering parents to support their child's needs assists children to progress towards their goals. Joanna uses a range of therapy coaching approaches such as Motivational Interviewing and Occupational Performance Coaching which have research to support their use. 

My child is already seeing an OT face to face. Can I also book appointments for the Kindred OT service for me?

Yes- contact us for more information and to check this is appropriate in your situation. Often parent coaching plus face to face therapy can be very effective- provided the Occupational Therapy philosophies of each therapist align.

Can I just do a "one off" session or do I need to book in multiple sessions?

Our minimum initial booking is two appointments to ensure we can assess your needs, develop your goals and offer some initial strategies. However, you are able to have appointments with Joanna weekly, fortnightly or casually there-after depending on your needs. 

How old does my child need to be?
Kindred OT is suitable for children aged 3-16 years of age, provided their goals suit a parent focussed approach.

Can I use my child's NDIS funding?
Yes if you are self or plan managed and your child has relevant goals.

About Joanna Caton and "Kindred OT".

Joanna Caton has been a paediatric Occupational Therapist for more than 25 years. She is neuro-diversity affirming as she values strengths based approaches, does not work towards neurotypical goals, and has lived experience as a parent/partner of a neurodivergent family. Her passion is to support children through building capacity and confidence in the people who are most able to advocate for them and make adjustments to help- i.e. their parents. She is also a clinical supervisor who mentors Occupational Therapists across Australia with a particular focus on coaching approaches, sensory and interoception awareness interventions, occupations and participation.  

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