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"Occupation" is not just our goal- It is also our therapy.

Occupational Therapists believe that participation in meaningful activity drives development, confidence and, adds purpose to children's lives.




targeted therapy bursts


This is a short term therapy service (5- 8 appointments) which aims to provide practical strategies to help your child meet their participation goals. Therapy bursts may include a combination of;

*  assessment or review,

*a brief summary of goals which can be shared with caregivers,

* therapy appointments.

* parent appointments, home visits or school consultations.

Clients are able to re-join the waiting list if they would like additional therapy bursts as needs change over time. 

Assessment and feedback service


Assessment is the entry point for all our services. We also offer stand-alone Assessments as follows:

* Occupational Therapy assessment with verbal feedback and brief goal summary (no report)  This is a cost effective option when a written report is not required.

* Optional Written Report- charged per hour.

* Functional Handwriting assessment and written report for NESA special considerations for examinations.

* Additional assessment options are charged  per hour

Contact us for a quote on your assessment needs. 

extended OR ONgoing


(NDIS and private)

Some clients require longer periods of occupational therapy due to developmental factors, complex needs or multiple goals. Our longer term programme is dynamic in nature and reflects current research in effective service delivery. Blocks of regular therapy (5-8 sessions) are followed by a consulting service and the option to participate in our OT Assistant programme (depending on availability). All clients have planned therapy breaks during the year to ensure strategies can be maintained in real life. 

clinical supervision


Several of our senior clinicians offer clinical supervision services for Occupational Therapists around Australia via Zoom. Please see our sister service Connect To Grow for more information. You are also welcome to enquire through our contact form. 

ndis- early childhood early intervention

(under 7 years)

Our therapists use a family- centred approach when working with young children who are NDIS ECEI participants. This means that we work in partnership with parents and other care-givers to develop goals, plans and strategies. We also work closely with other therapists who may be on your child's "team" to ensure that your child is receiving a co-ordinated and effective service.

OT Assistant programme


This is an optional programme designed to offer additional therapy practice within real life settings.  Programmes are specifically designed for your child by the occupational therapist and are then carried out by our occupational therapy assistant. Appointments occur where your child spends their time such as at school, preschool, at home or in the park.