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"Occupation" is not just our goal- It is also our therapy.

Occupational Therapists believe that participation in meaningful activity drives development, confidence and, adds purpose to people's lives. We offer Occupational Therapy to children, teens and their parents .




 OCcupational therapy 

assessment and strategy


(Children/Teens: NDIS and PRIVATE)

This is a SHORT TERM therapy service (5- 8 appointments) which aims to provide practical strategies to help your child meet their participation goals.

Group Programmes

(Children/Teens: NDIS AND PRIVATE)

A range of Occupational Therapy groups are offered within our practice. Our groups focus on learning new daily living and self-regulation skills within a social environment. Our groups use an occupation-based approach harnessing play, creativity and nature as therapeutic mediums. At times we also offer parent workshops on Occupational Therapy topics.

Extended Occupational 


(children/teens: NDIS and private)

Some clients require longer periods of occupational therapy due to developmental factors, complex needs or multiple goals. Our longer term programme is dynamic in nature and reflects current research in effective service delivery. Blocks of regular therapy are followed by a consulting service and the option to participate in our OT Assistant programme (depending on availability). All clients have planned therapy breaks during the year to ensure strategies can be maintained in real life. 

Puberty Plus Programmes

Our Wagga Wagga hub offers the "Well Girls" and "Daisy" groups from the Puberty Plus suite of programmes. These groups were designed by Occupational Therapists from with the aim of supporting young neurodivergent people and people with disabilities to manage the significant life stage that is puberty!  Groups are weekly for ten weeks. Please contact us for a quote. More information on the programme content can be found at

ndis- early childhood early intervention

(under 7 years)

Our therapists use a family- centred approach when working with young children who are NDIS ECEI participants. This means that we work in partnership with parents and other care-givers to develop goals, plans and strategies. We also work closely with other therapists who may be on your child's "team" to ensure that your child is receiving a co-ordinated and effective service.

OT Assistant programme

(children/teens:NDIS AND PRIVATE)

Our Occupational Therapy Assistant programme  is designed to offer additional therapy practice within real life settings.  Programmes are specifically designed for your child by the occupational therapist and are then carried out by our Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Child and Living Skills Coach. Appointments occur where your child spends their time such as at school, preschool, at home or in the park. This programme is part of our Occupational Therapy Support Stream

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