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Occupational Therapy

Wagga Wagga. Southwest Outreach (Henty, Lockhart, Holbrook and surrounds).

Our therapists are able to provide a range of services tailored to the needs of your child.

Our Wagga Wagga service offers 1:1 therapy in our rooms with consultations by arrangement in your child's everyday environment.

Our outreach services (located in the Henty, Lockart and Holbrook regions) provide appointments at your child's school, preschool or home.

As part of our therapy process, relevant home practise activities are also provided.

When it is time to begin practising strategies within small groups, our preference is to embed therapy strategies within "real life" groups such as sibling, preschool, family friends or classroom peer groups. However, at times we do offer small "therapy" groups which target particular goals.

Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development

OT can help children build important movement and postural foundations related to everyday play, self care and learning tasks.

Sensory Profiles and Therapies

OTs understand that each person is impacted by the sensory aspects of daily life in their own way. By carefully assessing a child's unique sensory processing "style" our OTs can then develop plans and strategies or provide sensory based therapy to effectively help children feel comfortable in everyday activities.

Play Development

Bidgeekids Occupational Therapy draws from DIR/Floortime (R) and ESDM (Early Start Denver Model)  principles to help your child begin to learn to play in a social, purposeful and flexible way. A child's ability to engage in a range of play types lays important foundations for later development.

Self Regulation of Emotions and Behaviours

Self regulation means being able to manage one's emotions, alertness and behaviours according to the situation. Self regulation has been recognised as a key foundation for successful participation in daily activities. Here at Bidgeekids, we have selected a comprehensive range of therapy programmes based on sensory processing, cognitive behavioural therapy and social thinking practices. We believe in working closely as a team with you, your child's doctor and other practitioners when working on self regulation development.

Self Care Independence

OT is able to help develop strategies and plans to help your child develop further confidence and independence in activities of daily living such as sleep, toileting and mealtimes.

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