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Occupational Performance Coaching for Parents

Occupational Therapy is a profession which works with people across the lifespan- including parents!  Many parents of children with additional needs feel it would be beneficial to spend time with an occupational therapist to explore how they can most effectively support their child's goals. Even when children are on a therapy waiting list, parents may see value in building their own knowledge of helpful strategies regarding independence in daily activities. This might include discussions surrounding sleep, toileting, mealtimes, emotional regulation, social interactions, personal organisation and other daily living tasks.

Joanna Caton from Bidgeekids Occupational Therapy is pleased to now provide "Occupational Performance Coaching" (OPC) sessions for parents of children with additional needs.

These sessions are suited to parents whose children are on therapy waiting lists, who cannot access therapy or who would like a parent focus in addition to current child-focused occupational therapy.

 OPC is an approach which aims to support parents by using a combination of occupational therapy and coaching techniques. 

Through Occupational Performance Coaching, parents are able to identify how their own strengths and skills can play a part in their child's successful participation in everyday activities. Goals are identified, strategies are explored and plans are put in place.

Occupational Performance Coaching  is a powerful intervention with the aim of supporting a child's participation in daily tasks as well as the parent's capacity to......"parent"!

OPC with Joanna is a "stand alone" parent-focused service  which involves the opportunity to meet with an experienced occupational therapist, speak freely about what is needed, and get started with strategies which can be implemented within the family. OPC honours the role which parenting plays in a child's journey and understands that effective parents are supported parents.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Parents of children with additional needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning difficulties are suited for this programme.

  • Parents who have children currently enrolled in therapy elsewhere, are on waiting lists or who cannot access direct occupational therapy are welcome to attend OPC sessions with Joanna Caton.

  • Your OPC session includes 1:1 time with Joanna Caton (Occupational Therapist) via telepractice or in-person, review of any relevant reports or video provided by parents, and copy of actions and plans discussed during session.

  • Session fees are $210

  • This service does NOT include direct therapy with your child.

  • Occupational Performance Coaching is an "evidence-based" approach that is appropriate under your child's NDIS funding (provided the interventions directly relate to your child's NDIS goals).

  • OPC does not necessarily replace the need for direct occupational therapy for your child but is a good place to start- especially when on a waiting list.

  • OPC is a "consultative" type of service and appointments are booked based on your needs rather than a "cookie cutter" approach. Some parents find 1-2 sessions meets needs, whilst others prefer ongoing support.

  • More information about Occupational Performance Coaching (Fiona Graham) can be found here.