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Early Start Denver Model Therapy

Bidgeekids Occupational Therapy is proud to offer The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) in Wagga Wagga with our certified ESDM Therapist.

ESDM is a comprehensive, evidence-based early intervention program for children aged 1-5 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


ESDM is a "trans-disciplinary" therapy which means that multiple areas of development are targeted at the one time. It particularly focuses on encouraging cognition, social-emotional development, and communication as these areas of development are known to be of particular concern for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

According to current research, a trans-disciplinary approach is a key requirement of "good practice" in  early childhood intervention and in autism therapy. With this in mind, our ESDM service combined with teamwork from other therapists  can form a solid programme for your child with autism


ESDM is an intensive programme which is carried out through weekly appointments. It integrates specialised  teaching strategies within a play-based curriculum and relationship-focused routines and strategies. 

Further Information about ESDM: